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Best Motorized Louvered Pergola Kits

Luxury Pergola Kit

If you are looking for easily assembled pergola kits, this is the place. We will go over the best pergola options that fully open and close to provide shade for your house. The perfect solution is the Luxury Pergola kit, as it is easily assembled and made of extruded aluminum.

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We will go over the most durable options so you can get rid of the pesky umbrellas and set into modern living.

Features in a Motorized Pergola:

  • Easy Installation

  • Customized Colors and Features

  • Flexible Sizes

  • Sun Protection

  • Rain Protection

What's Right for Your Outdoor Living Space

aluminum pergola

If you are trying to create the best outdoor living space, there are several things to consider. The features of different pergolas can mean the difference between a quality structure and one that falls over quickly.

The biggest thing that comes into what you want is how the product will drop on your step. Make sure you get a manufacturer that you can trust.

If you want to have an item that is attached to your house, you won't find any options in the kit space. Each one has a design that focuses on a free standing structure. Now it comes down to which model.

If you want the strongest kit that can handle strong winds, protect from the sun's rays, survive heavy snow, and provide rain protection, the choice is very clear. Customers choose the Luxury Pergola every time.

Why the Luxury Pergola

material used for the luxury pergola

The Luxury Pergola is designed to be a commercial product, first. The angle the company took, was to offer this product direct to consumer so they can control their outdoor space.

The market responded to this change. It is engineered for the most aggressive weather in the United States, but comes at a price that is half that of competitors.

If you can follow instructions, the Luxury Pergola is incredibly easy to install and usually takes about a day. The louvers are made of high quality extruded aluminum that can handle greater wind and snow than ANY of the competitors.

If it starts raining, you can close the louvers on your louvered roof with a simple button press, keeping your deck dry.

Free Consultation

Additionally, you can easily call for a free consultation with the business to understand if the Luxury Pergola is right for you.

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Luxury Pergola Benefits

Motorized Pergola Kit Comparison

The chart above perfectly illustrates how the Luxury Pergola is the perfect solution for most any home. Their edge comes from their direct to consumer model.

While others may offer aluminum construction, there is no way to get a customized unit. Additionally, the louvers are significantly weaker than the Luxury Pergola. It's a system that is second to none.

It can withstand the elements like nothing else on the market. For your project, you need to get the best, so you can experience an outdoor living space that is worthy of your home.

Can it handle Hurricane Force Winds

High winds are the biggest problem with any other motorized pergola kit. Almost all the options outside of the Luxury Pergola, require you to remove the louvers in the winter, or if there are aggressive winds. How is that helpful?

It isn't.

They go for quantity over quality and your pergolas will suffer as a result.

How is Sun Exposure Handled

The sun is the biggest question when getting a louvered pergola. The system while handle the sun, but rotating the thick louvers between closed or open by over 115 degrees. This gives you the perfect option to create your perfect porch space.

The aluminum design of the louvers and the hardware will protect your space for years to come. You can either sink the wedge anchors in concrete and the double wall louvers will also help keep heat out.

How is it Installed

This is a great question. You can get customized pergola sizes based on the size you want with the Luxury Pergola. This is perfect for any patio. To see a quick "how to" on the Luxury Pergola, check out the video below.

 This is one of the easiest pergola to install that handles strong winds and the louvers are incredibly strong. The structure will be one of the best louvered pergola options you can get.


The Luxury Pergola is the best option if you want to cover your area. This item is easy to assemble and the motors are incredibly durable.

If you want to control your pergolas and keep out rain, sun, and do so in style, the Luxury Pergola is the way to go.

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