Is Pergola Direction Important in your Outdoor Living Space?


Is pergola orientation important within your outdoor living spaces? Is maximum shade and the ability to block afternoon sun important to you? Is morning sunlight of visual interest to you? If any or all of these questions are true, I highly encourage you to continue reading.

Pergola design isn't enough to give you maximum shade or sun on its own, the orientation your freestanding pergolas will give you best afternoon shade and morning sun.

Modern Pergola with pergola rafters can block sun, as needed.

Considerations before Positioning

Purpose of the Pergola

Are you putting up a pergola in your outdoor living space? What is the purpose of that? Many people like to host friends and family in their outdoor living space.

Pergola Orientation is crucial when building your outdoor living space.

For others, it is for solitude and relaxation. Pergola orientation is quite important based on these purposes, above. If the pergola opens in the wrong direction at the wrong time of day, you may have full sun when full shade is needed. The opposite can also be true. You need to see your east west orientation and most people want to close their motorized pergola louvers to the East or North.

Local Climate and Weather Conditions

It is quite important to study local weather patterns in your region when developing a pattern or plan for pergola orientation. You will need to see what specific obstructions are in your backyard also. See what your current light or shade patterns look like.

Sunlight on an outdoor space in Northern Hemisphere.  Pergola kits, oriented correctly, can offer many things from dining area up to a water feature!

Depending on your back yard space and patio final design, the perfect pergola orientation can be found within your structure. Whether your pergola face south, east west or north, you can make sure to get full benefit out of that location. Just do your research to get that optimal shade and sunlight you are looking for.

Site Assessment

Do you know the size and shape of the outdoor space you are working at positioning a pergola in? Determine the amount of available space you need in your space to orient the pergola the way you'd prefer. A pergola that's not correctly oriented, will not carry the same weight or dynamic as one that is positioned how you'd like. Take advantage of your new pergola and position it correctly!

Pergola can face any direction, just make sure it is how you will get best use out of it.

Making sure that shade and sun requirements are met, is the number one obligation of having and using your pergola.

Maximizing scenic views

Always take stock in what is already in your space. Are you perhaps up on a mountain or next to a beach or other body of water? Make sure that the portion or pergola facing these picturesque landscapes, is free from any obstruction. You will enjoy and maximize your outdoor living space

Strategic placement of your pergola can be a focal point in your outdoor living space.  Shade and sun both available.

Privacy Considerations

Are neighbors close to your outdoor living space? Are you looking at a way to have a bit more privacy? Make sure you position your pergola in a space that will offer max privacy. Look for more spaces that are away from neighboring fences or shared common areas.

Privacy in your space is vastly important.  Make sure to place pergola away from neighbors for max privacy.


Long story short, but the direction in which your pergola is oriented has a huge impact on the amount of enjoyment you will get out of it. It can be pointed in the wrong direction and you will get sunlight all day. Wrong in the other direction, you could get shade all day. Strategic placement of your pergola can lead to much more fun and much more use out of your pergola. Use it for decades to come!

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