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How Much Does A Louvered Pergola Cost

Luxury Pergola Louvered Roof System

I. Introduction

The Benefits of a Louvered Pergola

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Are you considering investing in a pergola that opens and closes for your outdoor space? You might be wondering what all the fuss is about and whether a wood or louvered pergola roof is worth the investment. Let me tell you, the benefits of a louvered pergola are numerous and varied! Here we go over why the aluminum louvered pergola is so expensive.

Sometimes Struxure offers a pergola that costs over $50,000 that costs only $12,500 from the Luxury Pergola.

First, a louvered pergola can add value to your home equity. Not only does it provide a beautiful and functional outdoor space, but it also increases the functional square foot availability of your home. This mean.s that when it comes time to sell, you can expect a higher return on your pergola investment.

On top of adding value, a louvered pergolas also provides much-needed shade on those hot summer days. The adjustable louvers allow you to control the amount of sunlight and breeze that is allowed through the area. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor oasis.

The benefits don't stop there! A louvered pergola roof system can also provide a sense of privacy and seclusion for outdoor living spaces. The adjustable louvers can be closed to create an enclosed area, and the integrated gutter systems help keep rain out.

A louvered pergola can enhance the aesthetic and appeal of your outdoor living space. A well-designed and beautifully crafted aluminum pergola can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your structure.

Homeowners have invested in aluminum pergolas that can keep sunlight out. Why not add one to your house and see what a louvered pergola has to offer!

The Factors That Influence Cost

factors in louvered pergola per square foot cost

The biggest factors that influence cost for a louvered roof pergola is going to first be the cost of aluminum.

Raw aluminum price can create a ripple effect that increases the per square foot price of your outdoor structure. When you buy from a louvered roof system dealer, the pergola cost will definitely inflate.

The biggest change in the industry is the DIY louvered pergola kit. SOME of these kits can handle 8000 pound snow loads AND 115 mile per hour wind loads at the exact same time! The only one that can do this is the Luxury Pergola.

Make sure you know the best louvered roof kit for your outdoor living area. Getting the best value is always a big part of the research.

II. The Cost of Materials

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The Types of Materials Used in Louvered Pergolas

aluminum louver and composite end cap louvered pergola

The Cost of Wood, Aluminum, and Composite Materials

When determine the louvered roof cost for your installation, the types of materials are important. The highest quality louvered roof systems are made almost entirely from extruded aluminum. You want to make sure you get the best aluminum louvered pergola for your money.

For the current spot price of aluminum go here: Aluminum Prices Realtime

The second main aspect of the price of a louvered roof system is the price of energy. Since so much heat and energy is used to extrude or mold the louvered roof system, the current price of electricity and gas is a huge contributing factor.

The luxury pergola has a new innovation that other louvered roof pergolas do not have. The luxury pergola has a glass filled nylon end cap that is SELF LUBRICATING. This means you don't have to oil them.

Between the price of aluminum and the price of energy, you will see the biggest change in per square foot price a louvered pergola.

The Cost of Accessories and Additional Features

The cost of accessories is dependent on different manufacturers. For the Luxury Pergola kit, you can get a variety of pergola designs. Most manufacturers do not offer ANY trim or feature options to keep the price down. You can add accessories to many pergolas in the space.

The Luxury Pergola offers a completely customizable aluminum pergola. If you want the best completely customizable pergola, the Luxury Pergola is the way to go.

Custom Post Trim

Custom Base Trim

The Luxury Pergola kit also has some distinct advantages over wood pergolas. With a luxury pergola kit, you can get louvered roofs that have custom and unique add ons. The best patios usually have the best trim to give you a stylish roof.

Custom Beam Trim

Crown Moulding Pergola Trim

Remote Control

The best louvered pergolas have a remote option where you can open and close the pergola from a remote or a phone app. If you want to be able to use the phone app, make sure you have a Somfy receiver to get the information to your pergola.

Wind Sensors

Wind sensors are sometimes offered on the louvered roof systems you can find. With a permanent structure, the need for a wind sensor is very minimal. If you had a retractable awning, you would need this technology, but an aluminum pergola does not need this.

Rain Sensor

There are some louvered roof systems that offer a rain sensor for their louvered roof system. The issue with a rain sensor is that they are not incredibly reliable. It is definitely an option, but can cause issues with different snow load and rain.

III. The Cost of Labor

Building a louvered pergola

The Complexity of The Installation Process

For per square foot installed cost, the best roof systems are the ones that are straight forward to assemble. With equinox louvered roof systems and even american louvered roof systems, you have the problem where EVERY PIECE has to be cut and handled by a contractor.

This creates room for potential problems. Even the smart pergola can run at an incredibly high cost. The pergola cost shouldn't be determined by contractor or dealer margins.

If you are going to go for the most easy to assemble louvered roof system, consider the material and other factors to keep the sun out of your space.

The Cost of Hiring a Professional Contractor

Picture of Pergola Installation

If you are hiring a professional contractor to get your shade installed, you should expect to spend between $2000 and $5000. At the Luxury Pergola we are partnered with Mr. Handyman to make sure that even those who are worried about installation don't have to worry.

The Cost of DIY Installation

louvered roof system cost in time

Most manufacturers don't offer DIY installation. For the Luxury Pergola, you should expect to spend about 6 hours of time to get the structure installed.

If you are interested in the steps needed to complete the install, look at the playlist here.

Installation Playlist

V. Conclusion

Louvered Roofs for Outdoor Living space

The Importance of Considering All Costs When Budgeting for a Louvered Pergola

The main focus on an open roof or louvered roof system cost is the biggest factor for most. The square foot cost of your louvered pergola will focus on several factors.

For your house, make sure you get the right costs identified and consider the real time price of aluminum pergolas.

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