Pergola, Las Vegas? Is putting a pergola in Las Vegas a good idea?

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Is a pergola installation a good move if you live in Las Vegas? Easy answer, YES! A pergola has the ability to bring shade when it is hot or sunny, as well as keep closed during a rain storm.

What is a pergola? A pergola is an outdoor structure, typically found in spaces like gardens, parks or yards. Usually, they will contain vertical posts or pillars, with horizontal beams that also support some type of roof structure.

Outdoor area with outdoor furniture create a beautiful space for entertaining.

Pergolas are often used to create shaded walks, passageways or sitting area in exterior environments. They can also serve as supports for climbing plants such as vines, flowers, adding a natural and decorative element to the structure.

Pergolas often can vary in size, shape and materials used in construction, with options ranging from wood to metal to vinyl, depending on function requirements.

Plenty of curb appeal added with pergola structures.  Your outdoor area can truly be enhanced with outdoor structures.

Generally speaking, Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert and has a subtropical hot desert climate. We will get into some more detail regarding LV climate, below.

Climate Considerations for your Outdoor living space

Summers in Las Vegan can be extremely hot, with temperatures often times exceeding 100 Degrees F between June and September. Typically, August and July are the hottest.

Enjoy your Las Vegas Pergola and enjoy the many benefits it will provide.

Las Vegas also experiences very low humidity levels, especially during Summer months. It does not rain much, with most precipitation coming in Winter, though minimal.

Winters are generally mild and dry, with temperatures during the day ranging between the 50s and 60s. Nighttime temps can drop significantly.

Wind can of course also be a factor in Las Vegas, particularly during Spring and Fall. Gusts of wind can sometimes cause dust storms and can affect your outdoor living space.

An arid desert and low humidity can wreak havoc on a pergola.  Make sure you are using high quality pergolas.

Vegas receives an abundance of sunshine most of the year. They can boast clear skies throughout the year, making it a very attractive place for people to visit. Overall, Vegas can be characterized by hot, dry summers and relatively dry winters, with sunshine all year round.

Benefits of Pergolas in Las Vegas

With the intense heat in the Las Vegan area, a pergola provides much-needed shade thus allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space, comfortably. By providing shade over decks, patios or outdoor living area, pergolas help reduce direct sunlight and can lower ambient temperatures in your functional outdoor living space.

A well designed pergola with partial shade can be just enough to keep you comfortable.  Certain weather conditions will dictate how much sun or shade is needed.

A pergola can greatly expand your comfortable outdoor living space, providing an area for relaxation, entertainment and socializing. With the popularity in Las Vegas for outdoor living, a pergola can offer a designated space for activities such as dining, hosting gatherings or simply enjoying the local desert landscape.

A pergola roof can be designed to filter sunlight, providing protection from harmful UV rays, while still allowing natural sunlight. This can help with sunburn risk and damage while enjoying your aluminum patio covers.

Motorized Louvers offer a simple shade solution for your outdoor living experience, while entertaining guests.

Pergolas can serve as focal points in outdoor landscaping, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

Often-times, a well designed, functional pergola can enhance the curb appeal and value of your property. In Las Vegas, a pergola can be an attractive feature for potential homebuyers and may assist to a higher resale value.

Potential Challenges

With hot temperatures much of the year and arid, dry air, Las Vegas climate can wreak havoc on a pergola. It is important to choose the correct material for building pergolas. I will discuss a few options, below. Wood, Vinyl and aluminum are the most common materials used.

A wooden pergola can look nice, but will not last under the harsh elements in Las Vegas NV.

Wood can dry out and be infested with insects. It is also susceptible to rot and decay. A wooden pergola would not be ideal for the climate in Las Vegas.

Vinyl is a nice, lower maintenance material. It comes in several different color options and requires minimal cleaning. Vinyl, however, is not nearly as strong as wood or aluminum an will not last in the hot temperatures in Las Vegas,

Vinyl is simply not strong enough to last under the hot sun and temperatures seen in Vegas.  Aluminum is the best option.

Aluminum seems to be the best, strongest and also requires the lease amount of maintenance. Aluminum will not rot, decay or melt in the hot sun. It is easy to clean, durable and strong, as well.

Design Considerations with your Outdoor space

We discussed above, that aluminum patio covers are going to be mostly maintenance free, strong, durable and will not become infested with insects.

Enjoy your entire backyard and improve your outdoor living areas with a free estimate on a pergola.

There are also different types of sensors available that will open and close your louvers, when a certain wind speed is detected or if rain is close. There are screen options available to shade each side, as well as motorized louvers that will open and close with a simple louver.

Local Regulations and Permits for patio covers

If a pergola installation is something you plan on doing, it is important to check with your city or town, before building and installing. It is likely that you will need a building permit in certain areas. You should plan on having stamped engineering documents available, just in case.

Some places around the country will require a permit to install.  Make sure you know your local code.

There are several DIY style pergola kits out there. Make sure you are comfortable with your own building knowledge and experience as to not have an installation disaster on your hands. It often times makes sense to hire professional installation services.

Cost Considerations

A pergola can be a tremendous investment. If you choose the correct material for your pergola, you could get decades of good use out of it. Other materials with fade, rot and become brittle over time. Aluminum has very little long term maintenance costs associated and usually a bit of soap and water are all that's needed to clean.

With companies such as The Luxury Pergola, a lifetime warranty means your return on investment is absolutely there.

Outdoor kitchens are an easy way to entertain guests.  Pergolas provide a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor living space.


Is a pergola a good idea for Las Vegas? I would say absolutely so! With the amount of heat, sun and wind that the region receives, a pergola would be a welcome addition to any outdoor living space.

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