Pergola Motorized Shade Advise from Pros

Motorized pergola giving protection from the rain or sun elements. Able to withstand strong winds.

Looking to control your outdoor environment at a click of a button? Look no further than The Luxury Pergola and our motorized remote controlled louvered pergola.

Rain or Shine

With The Luxury Pergola system, if you are looking to create more shade you can easily make that happen by closing the louvered roof overhead. With 130 degree range of motion there is no shortage of control to keep that sun out of your face.

Maybe its raining and you want to keep dry, good news! The Luxury Pergola is also able to keep you dry and push that water through our integrated gutter system.

There is much more to offer than this controlability. Findout more below as we dive into the wonderful world of aluminum backyard pergolas.

Outdoor Living Space

enhance your patio or deck with a pergola and protect you from the heat of the sun or the rain.

Your outdoor living space is important to you, that is why you are here im sure. You are wanting to make sure youre making the right decision for your purchase with your next outdoor project.

I want to help make this easy and hopefully answer any questions you may have. So lets discuss the importance of your outdoor space first.

Enjoying The Outdoors

Luxury Pergola structure in backyard creating a beautiful space intertwined perfectly with the current style of home.

Enjoying the outdoors is what its all about, but when you have no shade that makes that a bit of a challenge. Maybe you have an umbrella or some tree coverage or maybe you dont. So, now you want a perfect solution for you.

All of our pergolas are remote controlled and motorized. Granting you access to any degree of shade necesary for your enjoyment with your company or family.

integrate your backyard space with a pergola matching your current backyard aesthetics

Motorized Pergola

louvers create a space you are in control with protection from wind, sun and rain

Motorized pergolas are taking the nation by popular demand. From the convenience, to the durability and lifetime lasting there are many reasons to go motorized over traditional pergolas.

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Why are motorized better?

Motorized pergola in backyard patio

I am sure you have asked this a couple times, let me shed some light on why customers are going the Luxury route instead of the traditional route.


Aluminum is much more durable and longer lasting than wood or other alternatives such as vinyl. This is why we here at The Luxury Pergola is proud to back our product with a lifetime warranty. You wont have warping, discoloration or even rusting with our aluminum pergola.

You can bump into, drop things into, and much more with our pergola without ever even making the pergola budge. The pure strength and weight makes The Luxury Pergola superior to alternatives


remote control to give yourself a simple process to open or close your louvers

Traditional pergolas have fixed louvers. This while can be helpful with shade, only is helpful during certain times of the day. This is where motorized louvers take an advatage. you can adjust them accordingly throughout the day all year long.

Smart Controls Available!

smart controls for when you want protection even when youre not home

Smart controls are popular with many aspects of your home. Now you can have it with your outdoor space as well!

Many of our customers acrossed the country protect their patio from different weather conditions by using our smart controls instead of the traditional remote control.

Weather Resistant

Aluminum is a strong durable material to build outdoor structures with. This helps with weather resistance. Keeping you at peace of mind with worry for rusting, having to repaint, or replace. This just isnt a concern when you have The Luxury Pergola in your backyard.

Life Time Warranty

All concerns of these are again, backed by our lifetime warranty. We are able to extend this offer to you free of charge becuase we have a product that over and over all across the country is standing up with what we are promising. A lifetime product, with minimal maintance and worry.

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