Do I need a Motorized Pergola?

What is a motorized pergola?

A pergola with motor is a big step above your normal, typical pergola. Let me refresh you on what a pergola is.

A pergola is an outdoor structure that most often consists of a framework of vertical posts, along with horizontal beams (2x10s mainly). What makes it a motorized pergola is the motor that will connect to the roof system and allow it to open or close, with the push of a button.

Louvered roof shown.  A smart pergola is becoming more and more popular.

This will enable you to control the amount of sunlight that your pergola allows in, thus keeping you comfortable while you enjoy your outdoor living space.

A louvered pergola is ideal for customers searching for versatility and convenience and wants the ability to adapt to ever changing weather conditions and elements.

What are some of the benefits of having a pergola?

Limited maintenance and a solid frame are among the strongest benefits you will receive.  High winds are not a problem, any longer.

There are several benefits to having a pergola; I will go over them, below.

Aesthetic appeal - Pergolas add a touch of beauty and much charm to your outdoor living space. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a cold drink in the shade with loved ones?!

Privacy - Pay close attention to the orientation of your pergola. If positioned well, it can offer a bit of privacy, especially if there are plants or other hanging baskets in the outdoor space.

Enhanced Outdoor Living - A pergola very much can enhance your outdoor living experience. Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family? With your new motorized louvered pergola, you can extend your indoor fun, to the outdoors!

Lots of square foot available.

Increased Property Value - A well maintained and designed pergola can enhance the value of your property, substantially, as well as add to the beauty and curb appeal of your home.

Is a motorized pergola right for you?

Do you value convenience? If so, a motorized louvered pergola roof system may be the perfect solution for you. With a motorized louvered pergola, you would have the ability to open and close your louvers, up to 135 Degrees, controlling the angle.

Patio covers can control the sun and provide shade, most times of the year.  Make sure your pergola has an integrated gutter system for drainage purposes.

Understanding Motorized Pergolas

What are some features of a motorized pergola?

Motorized Roof system

Remote Control operation

Integrated lighting

Weather sensors

Heating and cooling - fans and heaters

A double walled louver helps to dissipate heat and keep you comfortable as you relax.  Get a quote, and get your louvered roof system price!

How does motorization work and what are the advantages?

The motorization of the pergola is a simple process. The motor will plug into a simple 110V, low voltage outlet. Usually, around 50' of landscape wiring will be given for motor attachment into the pergola.

The motor is typically mounted to the top of the pergola, with the wiring fitting between the frame and the louvers. The motor will attache to the link bar, which is attached to the louvers and when button on the RF remote control is pushed, it will then operate the motor which will then open the louvers.

A motorized system can offer a nice alternative to a stationary or not motorized system.

What are some different styles and designs in the market?

Most often, you will see many different types of pergolas. Wood, vinyl and aluminum materials are the most common materials and construction that we see.

Roof system type is a design that can vary tremendously. You can choose between a stationary roof system that will not move; all the way up to a motorized roof that will move with a simple push of a button.

Motorized Louvered pergolas are getting more and more popular all the time.

A bronze, powder coated louvered roof system can keep you safe in inclement weather.

Advantages of Motorized Pergolas

Convenience and ease of use

Having a louvered pergola is a very convenient way to control your sun and shade. With just the push of a button, you can open and close your louvers and control the exact angle you prefer.

Aluminum is best material for a pergola structure. Deck or patio, with or without screens.

Customization options for controlling light and shade

Having a motorized pergola gives you wonderful customization options for items such as screens and lighting. Shades can be a manual operation or motorized, as well. You can shade individual sides of your pergola, thus controlling exactly where the sun comes in. There are options to add these to your "Smart Home", also. Talk about convenience!

Adding a fan to your pergola, can greatly help with airflow.  The ease of motorized louvered roof systems is apparent with just a push of a button.

Increased functionality and versatility compared to traditional pergolas

With a motorized pergola, you can orient it much easier due to having more control of the roof system. With a traditional pergola, you are extremely limited on roof options. A more modern, motorized louvered pergola, will allow you to open your roof with a simple push of a button.

Increased property value?

As mentioned above, a well maintained and designed pergola can enhance the value of your property, substantially, as well as add to the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Considerations before purchasing a Motorized pergola

Budget Considerations

A motorized pergola is generally more expensive than a non-motorized pergola. It is typically not a large cost difference, but there is usually a 10% difference, or more.

Heavy snow loads and strong winds are not match for a heavy duty aluminum extruded structure.

Alternatives to Motorized Pergolas

Manual Pergola

A manual pergola is a very popular option. It presents a little lower price point, with no worry about power failing and motor not working (however small a risk that can be).

Retractable awnings or shades

Shades and Retractable awning solutions are quite prevalent in the pergola/shade industry. These are generally less expensive options and can come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.


Motorized Pergolas are a fantastic way to spend your warm months! They offer a bit of luxury, convenience and relaxation all rolled into one. Spruce up your backyard and add a long lasting, extruded aluminum. You can even add rain sensors if you would like.

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