Is a Motorized pergola the Perfect solution for your Outdoor space?

Introduction - Understanding a Motorized Pergola 

Do you know what a pergola is? How about a motorize pergola? If you are unsure about what either of these items are, I encourage you continue reading.

A pergola is, generally speaking, a 4 post structure with horizontal roof beams that attach. There are often materials called "louvers" at the top that run the width of a short side of your pergola.

Motorized Louvers can offer rain and sun protection.  Shade screens are also available for more privacy.

These louvers can be motorized and then can simply be operated with a remote and no need for a crank to open and close. Do you get both sun and shade in your outdoor living spaces? A motorized pergola may be perfect for your situation.

Benefits of a motorized pergola

The benefits of a motorized pergola are many. The first being that you have the ability to use a simple remote control to open and close your pergola roof system. You can then have the option to open or close your motorized louvered pergolas.

Protection from the elements and heavy snow loads are important reasons to look at a louvered pergola.

Using a remote is a bit of an easier option, as well. With other "smart home" functions, you can oftentimes add this remote into the mix and integrate all of these devices.

There are also fun accessories that can be used if you have motorized louvered pergolas. Lighting can be added as well as heating elements for cooler climates.

Natural light or add your own style in your motorized louvered pergola.  Ceiling fans and screens are additional accessory options available.

Considerations for your Outdoor Space

Do you live in a climate zone that gets quite a bit of sun and wind? Would you like to quickly be able to close your louvered roof before the weather hits? With motorized louvered pergolas, you can quickly and easily open or close your roof system without the hassle of a manual crank.

Hot Summer days and strong winds in your area?  Control your outdoor living space with a louvered roof.

Do you live in a more traditional style home? Or is your house more contemporary with more lines and fewer curves? This will determine the type of roof or even louvered roof system that you may choose.

Whatever the roof louver type you go with, budget and cost will most assuredly be a part of the conversation. Typically, a motorized pergola will cost a bit more than a manual pergola.

Potential Drawbacks and challenges

With a motorized Louvered roof, there is a bit of potential for more maintenance than if you had a manual operator. There will be simple oiling and greasing needed.

You also need a strong internet connection to make sure you are able to open and close your roof if a remote, motorized louver option is what you are after.


There are a few things to consider when choosing between motorized or manual louvered roof. There are some cost objections to overcome. Also, maintenance if something to consider. Generally speaking, it is easier to operate louvers with a remote and motor. Do your due diligence and make sure to make a decision that is best for your space.


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