Do you Need Pergola Installers? Answers Inside

What is a Pergola?

Is a professional installation process important?

Getting your pergola installed by a professional, can be a pivotal decision and choice to make when beginning this process. Depending on your skill level and expertise, this can be a DIY project but more often, a builder or contractor is preferred.

A pergola installation requires a fine attention to detail as well as the ability to accurately measure.

A pergola installer can offer high quality products and customer satisfaction.  (Picture of a carpenter/tools)

DIY Installation

DIY installations have become quite popular over the last several years. With the advent of YouTube and other informational forms of entertainment, it is making people more confident and able to venture into the DIY space.

It is not for everyone, however, and depending on your skill level and confidence, it may be something you can tackle or you may need to leave it to the professionals. Often times, the technology and skills possessed by the professional, will provide much peace of mind for you.

Pergola assembly can be affordable, along with a great product.  (Generic Pergola)


Cost Savings

With doing a Do It Yourself type of project, you will of course save a bit of costs from the labor savings. Labor is a large aspect of most any project and this is an easy to cut costs.

Sense of accomplishment

Everyone likes that sense of accomplishment that comes with building something on your own, with your hands, right?! A pergola is the perfect opportunity to build your American quality pergola and add to your outdoor space. Pergolas can be easy to assemble and will add tremendous beauty to your outdoor living space.


Risk of Structural Issues

What are some possible cons about attempting to do a DIY pergola project? If you install incorrectly, there is a possibility of small or even severe structural issues. It is always important to do a personal, honest assessment of your mechanical aptitude to make 100% sure you are able to tackle a project like this.

I would encourage any prospective person in the market for a DIY pergola, to watch several instructional videos on how to do the installation, prior to attempting.

Hire a contractor to reduce the risk of any structural issues.  (Damaged Pergola)

Time Consuming

A DIY project can be very time consuming, especially if you don't have a high mechanical aptitude nor all of the required tools needed for the construction.

Required Skills


Do you work with your hands or are you familiar with general construction? Carpentry skills can be a very beneficial skill set to have, as you get into a pergola, DIY installation.

A carpenter can assist with your pergola build to enhance your space and offer years of enjoyment.  (people sitting under a pergola, enjoying themselves)

Local building codes and Understanding them

Permitting and building codes are important to familiarize yourself with as they will dictate what you are and are not able to build in your region.

Along with these codes, an HOA may be something you need to work with to get your project approved. Local Home Owners Associations have clear rules and can be crucial to what you can build.

Hiring a Professional


There are several advantages in hiring a contractor. We will go over just a few of those advantages, below.

Expertise and Experience

Generally speaking, a contractor typically specializes in a specific are of expertise. There are carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc.

It is vastly important to hire a contractor with the specific skill set needed for your project. Efficiency is something to consider, as well. If a contractor can finish the job in less than half the time it would take you, wouldn't it make sense to hire out that work, if the price was reasonable? Many think so!

Although easy to assemble, for a positive experience, it is important to get any further questions answered about the product, prior to installation.

Your pergola installation can be a breeze and you will be incredibly happy if you work with a professional.  (Picture of a contractor building a pergola)



Hiring a contractor may seem more expensive upfront than a DIY approach, but it may actually save you some money in the long run. Contractors have a knack for avoiding costly mistakes that a first time DIYer may encounter and often receive large, bulk discounts from material suppliers, thus saving you money as well.

Research and Reviews

In this day and age, doing research and obtaining a review of a contractor or company, is quite simple and should always be done prior to beginning a project. With companies such as Angies List, Yelp, Google etc, information has never been as free-flowing and easily obtained.

Research and Reviews have never been easier to find.  Just a click away and you can find the best installers for our project.  (Person at a computer)

Types of Professionals

General Contractors

A general contractor is a type of professional who is responsible for managing a construction project, from start to finish. Often times, they are the main point of contact and do much of the communication and hiring of sub-contractors.

Want great service?  Hire a well known GC and do your research!  (Picture of GC holding blueprints)

Generally, they are hired to do build new construction projects, renovations and/or remodeling projects.

Landscape Designers

Think of a landscape designer as an architect, but for your outdoor space. They can take a popular pergola brand and intertwine it into your new house, backyard or garden.

They often use their knowledge of plant species, construction techniques and design for landscaping projects for public, residential and commercial spaces.

Added beauty on your patio is something a landscape designer can help with.  (pic of a garden/landscape)

Pergola Specialists

A pergola specialist is simply a professional who specializes in the design, construction and installation of pergolas. Often times a pergola specialist will be heavily involved with Design, Material selection, code compliance and construction.

They will also be able to assist with any tips or advice with maintenance as well as the best way to integrate landscaping and plants/greenery.

DIY vs. Professional Installation - Factors to keep in mind

Complexity of Design

If your design is complex and extremely detailed, it may be wise to consult with a contractor or professional. The easier and more simple the design and project, the more DIY friendly it will be.

Available Time and Resources

If you work full time, have kids and are busy throughout the week and weekend, it may be a wise decision to hire out your project to a professional contractor. A contractor can delivering top notch products, at a reasonable time price, more often than not.

Budget Constraints

If there are limits or constraints to your budget, then perhaps a DIY project is the right call for you. As discussed earlier, there can be quite a bit of money saved on a pergola installation, if you have a general idea and understanding of what you are getting into.

That cost savings can quickly turn in the other direction if you are making costly mistakes or do not have a general understanding on how to complete the project. Always take that into account before beginning any DIY type construction project.

Personal Skill Level

Always take stock in your personal mechanical aptitude. If carpentry is not a skill you are comfortable with, it may be best to leave it to the professional contractor to handle.

Affordable pergolas can be a fun project.  Whether DIY or PRO installation, the project will add lasting beauty to your space.


Whether you choose to do DIY or go the professional contractor route, you can find solace in the fact that a pergola will be something for you and your family to enjoy for decades to come.

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