Is a Composite Pergola kit the best Option for you?

Are composite pergola kits something you are interested in for your outdoor living space? Please read further as we will go into the in's and outs of what to expect. With countless styles available, you can take your outdoor living space to all new heights.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure generally found in yards, gardens or an outdoor living space, consisting of framework covered in trailing or trained climbing plants.

Outdoor retreat available!  Lovely outdoor room to provide shade and virtually upkeep free.

It typically consists of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and a more durable material lattice, creating a shade area.

Pergola kits are designed to enhance outdoor living spaces, thus providing a defined area that combines elements from both indoor and outdoor environments.

They have a multitude of uses, ranging from outdoor seating, hosting events or simply adding a beautiful appeal to your current landscape. They are generally found in Vinyl, wood, aluminum or Composite material, which is the material we will focus mainly on.

Create a manufactured beauty to host any event!  With a modern design and minimal maintenance, a composite pergola kit may be the solution for you.

What are Composite Materials?

A composite material would be a material made from two or more different types or product with distinct physical or chemical properties. These materials would generally work together to create a material with enhanced characteristics that would otherwise not be achievable. The goal is to combine the strengths of each material while minimizing their weaknesses.

Pre cut Composite pergola kits may offer the perfect amount of sun and shade options.

The 2 main components found in composite materials would be the Matrix and Reinforcement. The matrix is the primary component that surrounds and binds the reinforcing materials. It can be a polymer, metal or ceramic.

The reinforcement is needed to enhance any mechanical properties. Reinforcement can be fibers, particles or other geometrical shapes.

Composite materials are designed to show improved properties such as strength, stiffness, durability and sometimes a reduced weight compared to other traditional materials.

You see these materials oftentimes used in aerospace, automotive, construction and even sports equipment manufacturing.

Composite materials are growing in popularity.  They are often able to offer incredible strength and rot free solutions against materials like wood.

Differences between Traditional Pergola canopy vs. Composite Pergola canopy.

A composite material can have a hight strength to weight ratio. Composite materials, ones reinforced with fibers like carbon or glass, often show high strength and stiffness while being lightweight.

Composite materials are know for their resistance to corrosion, weathering and other environmental factors. They often can withstand harsh condition, thus making them suitable for outdoor or marine applications.

Composites often will not rot or decay like wood. Composite can have almost a vinyl/pvc look but is much stronger and more maintenance free than metal or wood.

Pergolas with a fan and lighting create plenty of architectural interest in your yard.

Advantages of Composite Material Pergola kits

There are numerous advantages to go with a composite material pergola over other options. As stated above, the high strength, low weight characteristic of composite materials are a clear advantage. There are also advantages to be had when discussing the durability and longevity of composite materials.

Composites are also a very low maintenance material. There are savings to be had with less maintenance needed. Composites will not need to be painted, stained or sealed year over year. Just blown off with a blower and rinsed with water is all that is needed.


There are many items to consider when choosing not only the style of pergola kit you would like but also what material that pergola should be made from.

Are things like strength, durability and less maintenance important to you? Composite materials take much of the strength and durability while also keeping the weight much more manageable.

Installation of new structure can create minimal maintenance outdoor living space for you and family.

Minimal maintenance also means more dollars saved and less time spent, yearly, maintaining your new pergola kit. Do your homework and decide what material and style will work best for you.

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