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With groundbreaking innovations for 2024, we are excited to share the improvements!

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Our Luxury Pergola is now even better and stronger than ever before. With all new improvements and innovations, you can rest assured that your Luxury Pergola will last a lifetime.

Made in America

Celebrate American craftsmanship with "The Luxury Pergola," proudly Made in America.

Our pergolas are not only manufactured in our own facilities, but they are also 97% sourced from within the United States, ensuring the highest standards of quality and supporting local economies.

Experience the unparalleled luxury and durability of "The Luxury Pergola," knowing that you're investing in a product that's truly homegrown.

Choose American-made excellence for your outdoor living space.

1/4 of the price, pound-for-pound

With other companies, they buy ready made kits, import them, and mark them up aggressively.

Whereas others charge up to $35 a pound, The Luxury Pergola is only $9 per pound.

6.5x stronger against snow

Specifications matter. When comparing 10x10 pergola kits across the market, The Luxury Pergola is 6.5x stronger compared to the competition.

True piece of mind no matter the weather.

Up to 140MPH stronger against wind

The Luxury Pergola can handle winds up to 140mph higher than other popular pergola kits. This makes it the only pergola kit on the market with an option that meets building codes anywhere in the United States

Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the enduring quality of our products, which is why The Luxury Pergola is now backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.

Our commitment to excellence and durability is unmatched, offering you the longest and most comprehensive warranty available. Whether you're enjoying tranquil moments or entertaining guests, rest assured that your investment is protected for a lifetime.

And the best part? Our warranty is fully transferable, adding value to your home and ensuring that the next owner can enjoy the same luxury and security. Choose "The Luxury Pergola" for a timeless addition to your outdoor living space, guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Introducing "ArmorFinish," the pinnacle of powder coating technology for aluminum pergolas. ArmorFinish is not just any powder coat; it's a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled scratch resistance and fingerprint resistance, ensuring your pergola remains flawless through every touch and every season.

But the true marvel of ArmorFinish lies in its extraordinary resilience. Imagine leaving a component with ArmorFinish on the beach in Florida, exposed to the harsh sun, salt, and sand for 10 years. When you return, you'll be astounded to find it virtually indistinguishable from a brand-new piece. This level of endurance is what makes ArmorFinish the ultimate choice for those seeking the highest quality and longest-lasting beauty for their outdoor structures.

Choose ArmorFinish for your Luxury Pergola and invest in a finish that promises to stand the test of time, maintaining its elegance and integrity year after year.

StormSafe Drainage

Experience unparalleled protection and elegance with our innovative design that stands out in the industry.

Our system features a generous 5-inch gutter, ensuring rapid and efficient water drainage, even during the heaviest downpours.

But what truly sets StormSafe apart is its unique single-post drainage system. Unlike traditional options that require water to drain out of all four posts, our system channels all water through just one post, ensuring a cleaner, more streamlined appearance and reducing the risk of water damage to your outdoor living space.

With weather-sealed components, StormSafe guarantees durability and performance, keeping your pergola looking pristine and functioning flawlessly for years to come. Choose StormSafe for a worry-free, elegant outdoor experience.

No Exposed Concrete Fasteners

Elevate your outdoor sanctuary with our brand new complimentary post base collars with every Pro, Ultra, and Magnum unit.

Our exclusive design seamlessly conceals the concrete anchors, ensuring a sleek and polished look for your pergola. Say goodbye to unsightly hardware and hello to uninterrupted beauty.

These post base collars are more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they're a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest details at no extra cost.

The Strongest Louver Anywhere

Improve your outdoor living with the industry's most robust and resilient louver design.

Our louvers, composing the roof of each pergola, are engineered to be the thickest and strongest available, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance. Whether facing gusty winds or heavy snowfall, our pergolas stand firm, providing you with peace of mind and a beautiful, functional outdoor space year-round.

Choose "The Luxury Pergola" for unmatched strength and elegance, setting the standard for luxury outdoor living.

Sustainably Manufactured

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our manufacturing process, with up to 80% of our product made from recycled aluminum.

Not only does this ensure a smaller ecological footprint, but it also guarantees the highest quality with our use of 6063-T6 components.

Enjoy the elegance and durability of "The Luxury Pergola," knowing that you're making a responsible choice for the planet without compromising on style or performance.

Three Groundbreaking Options

With the new Luxury Pergola in 2024, we have three incredible options that allow you to build these anywhere in the United States from the most temperate to the most extreme.

Luxury Pergola Pro can handle 130-160mph winds.

Luxury Pergola Ultra can handle 160-180mph winds.

Luxury Pergola Magnum can handle over 180mph winds.

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