Where To Buy Pergolas: Comprehensive Guide

Pergola on Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

There are countless companies who are buying and relabeling the EXACT SAME product and marketing it up to ridiculous degrees. Far too many homeowners are getting ripped off, but this comprehensive guide will give you the top places to purchase an outdoor structure for your space.

This guide will go through the main categories of outdoor pergolas and let you know the pros and cons of each option out there. We will be focusing on adjustable pergolas as they are, by far, the part of the market that is the murkiest and needs the most guidance.'

The Categories of Pergola Kits

To start, pergola kits generally fall into three main categories.

  1. Commercial Grade/ Extremely High Quality

    1. These won’t blow down in a storm and can receive permitting in any state if that is required. They are designed to be bought once, and are maintenance free

    2. They can usually be made as a custom pergola to your size (within reason)

    3. Unmatched durability and longevity

  2. Consumer Grade/ Lower Quality

    1. Don’t meet building codes anywhere. Not warrantied to the same degree as others

    2. Paint that fades in 2 years and only comes in standard sizes

    3. Need to manage it when you get inclement weather and requires more maintenance.

  3. Overpriced and Relabeled Imports/ Low Quality

    1. These are almost alway the exact same as the other consumer grade pergolas

    2. Relabeled and cost 2x-3x as much as the exact same thing from a big box store.

    3. Need to manage it when there’s high winds or snow.

When looking at each of these options, you have a few ways to approach your pergola kit.

The Luxury Pergola: Top Pergola Kit On The Market

Image of The Luxury pergola over a retractable canopy

The Luxury Pergola is highly customizable. On the website you can make your own free standing pergola kit and it gives you the option for a closed or open roof design with its adjustable louvers.

It is made in the United States and can meet building codes (if you need that) anywhere in the United States. The company offers premium shade structures that are unparalleled on the market. And it is an attractive pergola to boot.

The Luxury Pergola Breakdown

The Luxury Pergola Stats
Wind Rating (Closed) 130-180+ mph (Depending on Model)
Custom Sizing Yes, highly customizable
Country of Origin United States
Powder Coat AAMA 2605 (Strongest in Industry)
Manufacture Process Custom Made to Order
Meets Building Codes Yes, anywhere in the United States

Shop The Luxury Pergola

Mirador Pergola: Good Consumer Grade Pergola Kit

Image of Mirador Pergola under The Luxury Pergola

The Mirador Pergola can be found online and in big box stores like Costco. It’s not bad for a consumer grade product that is meant to be built and provide immediate relief.

Since it doesn’t meet building codes anywhere in the United States, it cannot be classified as a “permanent structure”. Thankfully the price point is not at a permanent structure level.

This can be purchased easily from a Costco or directly from the company.

Mirador Pergola Breakdown

Mirador Pergola Stats
Wind Rating (Closed) 60-80 mph (Depending on Model)
Custom Sizing No, only standard sizing
Country of Manufacture China
Powder Coat Standard Durability Powder Coat
Manufacture Process Centralized Manufacture in Standard Sizes
Meets Building Codes Does not meet building codes

See Mirador Options

Starry Pergola: The Relabeled One

Screenshot of The Starry Pergola available at Home Depot

With the Starry Pergola, you’re going to find standard sizes and this exact same pergola is sold on countless websites under different brand names. To get the best deal on this particular one, don’t get the overpriced private label. Get it at the link below the table.

You can usually saved 50% or more (even if the others claim to be on sale). This is the one that has by far the most individual distributors, each naming it their own thing and charging ridiculous premiums.

Starry Pergola Breakdown

Starry Pergola Stats
Wind Rating (Closed) 60-80 mph (Depending on Model)
Custom Sizing No, only standard sizing
Country of Manufacture China
Powder Coat Standard Durability Powder Coat
Manufacture Process Centralized Manufacture then relabeled by others with markup
Meets Building Codes Does not meet building codes

See Starry Pergola

Wood Pergola Kits

A collapsed wooden pergola kit

When looking at wood pergola kits, there is a very important distinction to consider. Some can be modified to open and close to aid with and provide a shade canopy. Unfortunately this won’t be helpful with rain.

The big problem is that you need to use pressure treated pine to help with weathering and rot. With high quality pressure treated pine, you can expect the wooden pergola kit to last about 10 years before the structure is compromised.

Differences in Pressure Treating

With pressure treated wood, it really comes down to when the wood was pressure treated. An older pergola (if built before the 2000’s) will have a much longer life than anything built nowadays.

CCA Pressure Treated Wood (Pre 2000’s)

The original pressure treated wood was known as CCA or Chromated Copper Arsenate. Originally sold under the trademark of “Wolmanzied” wood, it became the standard for pressure treated wood for decades.

This stuff used to be guaranteed from rotting for 50 years. Truly pretty remarkable!

But, there were problems. That last part of the name “Arsenate” which means that the wood has arsenic in it. The concern (from lawyers) was that the arsenic would leach into the ground on playgrounds and children would be exposed to harmful chemicals.

After the class action lawsuit the composition of pressure treated wood changed dramatically to the new standard.

ACQ Pressure Treated Wood (Post 2000’s)

This is the new standard of wood outdoor structures. It came out in 1992 and many deck builders are reporting that the new pressure treated wood is rotting out in 10 years or less.

This stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary. Copper is a natural antibacterial and will kill bacteria and fungus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as the old stuff when it comes to longevity.

Other Wood Options

When building your pergola or gazebos (the difference isn’t crystal clear in popular culture) you could also consider different wood options other than pressure treated.

Cedar wood is a great option as it is naturally quite durable and rot resistant. It won’t stand up as long as the pressure treated stuff, but it is quite robust all things considered.

Another option for your space is California redwood. Although it isn’t as great as pressure treated or cedar, it can also be a good option. With availability of california redwood, however, you may be paying a steep price.

Key Considerations in An Outdoor Structure

An outdoor space with a fire pit and luxury pergola kit

With the sun, wind and rain attacking your backyard oasis, you need to keep in mind some very key factors when making your choice.

Ease to Assemble

All of the pergola kits mentioned have pre cut beams and step by step instructions in either a video or an instruction manual format. Additionally most (if not all) of the holes are pre drilled for convenience.

With the higher end pergola kits on the market, you will get much heavier material, a higher grade of paint/finish and better customer service. The trade off with the high end pergola kits, is they may be more difficult to assemble, simply because of the weight of the unit.

Focal Point of Your Backyard Space

With any of the pergola options on the market, this will become the focal point of your entire backyard space. It won't only provide shade, but will be either a detriment or enhancement to your outdoor space for years to come.

Price is far from the only consideration when choosing an outdoor structure that will draw the eye. You also need to consider the materials used and the durability, fade resistance, and maintenance requirements before committing to a space.

Best Material Considerations

Most of the different pergolas on the market have a variety of materials and roof options for your backyard. The Luxury pergola comes with 6063-T6 frame components and stainless steel hardware in the post bases.

When looking at a pergola, an aluminum construction is by far the best material to use, but beyond the aluminum, paint becomes a main consideration.

The paint breakdown is as follows:

  1. AAMA 2605: The most fade resistant paint in the industry. No noticeable fading for 10 years in Florida sun and salt air. This is only used by The Luxury Pergola.

  2. AAMA 2604: Fade resistance of 5 years in Florida sun and salt air.

  3. Standard Durability Powder Coat: 1-2 year fade resistance. This is what almost all other pergola kits use.

Make sure you know the rating of the powder coat or paint used on your outdoor structures so that you don't end up disappointed in a year or two.


When looking for your perfect pergola kits, there is a lot to consider. If you're looking for the best pergola kit that money can buy, The Luxury Pergola is far and away the best on the market.

If you are more budget focused and can only allocate a few thousand dollars to the project, however, Mirador is a fine option for many people.

The one thing to be wary of however, is not to fall prey to the ridiculously overpriced pergola kits that you see all over the place.

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