12' x 20' Luxury Pergola Pro: Bronze Frame w/ Stone Louvers

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We have been optimizing our manufacturing and ran some extra units. This can be your gain.

Unit is a 12x20 Bronze Frame with Stone Louvers.

9 Foot posts with a 10'2" overall height with louvers standing straight up.

No crown or other accessories on this unit.

This is offered at a discount!

Unit comes in New condition and carries all the same warranties and capabilities.

There is only one of these units.

130mph + wind rating, made in the USA, up to 60psf Snow Load
Lifetime Warranty, No middleman, and free shipping
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Made to order in our own facilities direct to you. No middleman and made in USA. Click here for Shipping Process Details

Our Brand
Other Pergola Kits
Custom/ Commercial Pergolas
Max Wind Rating Closed
130mph - 180+ mph
40mph - 80mph
Max Snow Load
Price Per Pound
Weight of approximately 240 sq/ft unit
1800 lbs
450 lbs
1500 lbs
Made to Order
Manufactured in
Sometimes USA
Paint Type
ArmorFinish (Strongest Powder Coat Ever)
Standard Durability (Fades Quickly)
Varies Greatly
Lifetime Transferable
5-10 Years
10-15 years

Proudly Made in America

All Luxury Pergola units are proudly made in the USA in our own facilities by American craftsman.

Unparalleled Snow Loads

The Luxury Pergola is rated to handle over 8000 lbs of snow with the louvers CLOSED.

130-160 MPH Wind

Our Pergolas can handle over 130 MPH of wind with the Louvers closed. Unparalleled in the industry!

Water Proof Construction

The Luxury Pergola has weather sealed louvers and a 5 inch gutter system that keeps you dry!

Combine Luxury Pergola Units!

Combine Luxury Pergola units to cover even greater areas. With the Super Pergola, you can create even larger shaded spaces than ever before.

Super Pergola

Product Specifications

All About The Industry Leading Pergola

Below you will find the product specifications for The Luxury Pergola.

Dimensional Drawings

Yes, all units motorized

Electric Motor

Grade IP67 24V electric motor for louver control via Remote Control (Pulls 3 AMPs) when operating. Plug in 120V Power Cord For Plug In Power in available outlet

Wind Load

130 Mph Winds CLOSED. Unmatched in the industry

Snow Load

8000+ Lbs (Louvers closed or open)

Unit Weight

See for unit weight: Click Here


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